We are passionate about outdoor baths all year round, regardless of the weather or temperature. The greatness lies in the simplicity. Bathing cold is free, uncomplicated and fast. The cold baths affects the mood positively, strengthening for the health and gives a higher energy level. It is also eco friendly and sustainable. In other words, cold bath is the perfect quick fix.

The cold baths involves so much more than just cooling down the body a few degrees. It is an overall experience for both body and soul. It is as much about the walk down to the water, with the expectation that it means as the moment you are in the water. They are about the experience that comes when you lie in the water and look around, when the surface is still and the nature quiet. They are about the energy you get, the happiness that stays for several days afterwards and the health effects that follows.

The magic lies in the simplicity. Cold baths is touching many of the important issues we deal with in society today, such as stress, physical and mental health and a sustainable life style. Come swim with us.